Dr. Joel Disanti

Dr. DiSanti

was born and raised outside of Pittsburgh PA. He graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1985 with a Bachelor of Science degree. He graduated from the Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine in Cleveland Ohio in 1989, spent a year of training at the University of Southern California – Los Angeles County Medical Center through the California College of Podiatric Medicine, and completed his residency training at the Veterans Administration Medical Center in Miami Florida.

My Philosophy

Hi. I’m Dr. DiSanti.

My preference is natural foot care. Your feet can improve without the need for surgery or medications. We do this by encouraging your feet to function how they were naturally designed to function.

My goal is to identify the actual cause of your foot and ankle problems, not to just treat the symptoms. Identifying and treating the cause not only provides the best long term results, but is important in preventing future problems.

My focus is on you, the patient. I listen to what you say, then together we develop a treatment plan that best fits your needs. This takes into account your job, time restrictions, physical limitations, cost of care, and other factors you may express.

Electronic medicals records are not used in my practice. The reason is I became tired of staring at a computer screen when I needed to be focusing on the patient.

When I see you as a patient you get my full attention. I don’t take phone calls in the middle of our visit, unless the call relates directly to you. Any calls I need to take or return are done so between patient visits, not on your time. I view your time as every bit as valuable as my time.

I am surgical trained, performing surgery for many years in a hospital setting. Although I no longer perform surgery at hospitals or surgical centers, I understand the limitations of surgery as well as advantages. Should the need for surgery arise, having a surgical background allows me to better advise you.